The Nothing Day

Our watches are far away, so time is slow, at the speed of the sun. Well actually its 2pm and we already ate some nice homemade pasta.

This is how our day went by. Wake up, have breakfast with Pewds and Marzia’s video. Shower, go to the super market. Eat, wash the dishes and have a smoke with music behind.

No studying, no future. Just the present moment with the woman I love.

Is this a bad day? Maybe it’s the calm before a storm. But no. Today I decide that relaxing and doing nothing is the best.

Let’s call this: making an effort to make no effort.

As long as we’re clean and have a positive mind, it would take a lot to make us unhappy. Get it?

This evening I’m off to work. Nothing bad really. My body will be exhausted, and as long as my ming is positive it might be a moment I’ll enjoy.

Work hard and stay healthy minded. Thank you nothing day.





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