First Teatime

I still remember that the first tea time I had was with him. It’s funny, but that’s the truth.
I, at the moment, wasn’t a fan of tea, but that day was better than I thought. He showed me that the secret for the perfect tea is condensed milk. And with biscuits, it’ll become a dream team.
I was enjoying the biscuits, but never the condensed milk (not a big fan of sweet stuff).
We talked a lot, I remember.
For how long, I don’t know. I just knew he was different.
There was something about him that attracted me that moment. I guess it was his voice, or his mind spoken by those cute lips making my heart full of joy.
We laughed, we taught, we discussed about life, humans, family, and about all the things we could think about.
I won’t say it was the best, but I can say it is the beginning of our endless conversation.

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