Anna, since when did we let Rennes be our home?
She might think it’s when we started living together. I say differently.
Remember December when I was about to fly to Kuala Lumpur but turned out with a simple question: ‘Can I stay in your room again Anna?’
I guess the moment she said yes, the real question was if we could start again, fresh couple. Forever married friends for benefits again huh?
That new year, studying medicine was the number one goal, well at least for a couple of months. From March I got my job thanks to her and guess where I am now? I have a MacBook pro with my own money! Something I learn from her is that woman is the key to success.


Job and study isn’t enough to call a place home right? I think it’s about being comfortable, in this place where doing the same thing everyday, and knowing all the places by heart, makes up a part of your happiness.
Getting bored or having fun, who cares? You’re home and someone is there to cuddle you.
These words are written with Anna in my arms. She’s texting her mom. Who knows when I’ll hate this place again? And when I do, London would be the next destination if Anna wants.
For now, I’m saving money, she is saving up too. When summer comes back, we’re having a new home with a separate bedroom, not to mention a cool kitchen to make the best ramen in town. Oh i think we need a washing machine too, then we can really call the appartement a home right?
Rennes, you bitch city who became my home.

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